Xyriel Manabat Never Let Fame Go to Her Head

Xyriel Manabat Admired By Netizens For Her Down-to-earth Attitude

XYRIEL MANABAT – Actress Xyriel Manabat has never let fame get in her head since she was young.

Renowned for her exceptional talent, Xyriel Manabat gained recognition through her endearing portrayals in May Bukas Pa (2009), Agua Bendita (2010), Momay (2010), and 100 Days To Heaven (2011).

Her remarkable acting continued in Wildflower (2017) and the recent series Dirty Linen. Like other child stars, she took a hiatus to concentrate on her studies.

Photo Source: @xyrielmanabat_ IG

Returning to social media in 2020, Xyriel Manabat shared glimpses of her life, including a post showcasing her physique in a fitted white top. Last year, she openly discussed undergoing a nose job and introduced her boyfriend through a social media post.

In an interview posted by AltStarMagic, the 20-year-old actress addressed a question about fame and whether she fears public reception as she returns to the spotlight as a teen actress.

Photo Source: @xyrielmanabat_ IG

Xyriel Manabat candidly expressed that she never allowed fame to go to her head since her youth. Emphasizing that fame is not her primary focus, she clarified that her passion lies in acting.

“Simula nung bata ko, hindi ko po talaga pinapasok sa utak ko yung fame.”

“Hindi ko po talaga inisip na kilala ako, mas kilala ako…”

“Hindi ko po yun priority, ang gusto ko po umarte…”

She emphasized that during her auditions, her focus was on showcasing her acting skills rather than demonstrating proficiency in mall photoshoots, participating in mall shows, or conducting interviews.

“Hindi naman po yung fame yung pinag-artistahan ko, kundi yung talent ko.”

“Hindi naman po ako nag-audition nang ang audition ko kung paano magpapicture, paano sumagot sa isang interview, paano pumunta sa isang mall show. Ang pinag-audition ko ay paano umarte,” she said.

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