Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano’s Long-Distance Relationship

Still together and just in a long-distance relationship says Enrique Gil about their relationship.

Celebrities Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano are in a long-distance relationship and the actor has this to say about it.

From reel to real are celebrities Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano whose chemistry was first discovered in the series “Forevermore”. It’s true that if they hadn’t met each other, things in their career would have turned out differently.

However, nothing stays the same forever. Change happens always and previously, they have decided to go on different paths.

Soberano pursued her Hollywood dream while Gil returned to showbiz after many years of hiatus. As they go through these changes, speculations and allegations did not put them to rest. One of the most talked about is their split but in a previous article, Enrique confirmed that they are still together.

He dismissed the rumors many times and recently, he stressed again that they are still together only that in a long-distance relationship.

Just like many couples, LDR is also hard for them. As per his words, it’s “super hard” as there’s really a lack of time for each other. But one good thing about it is that it allows them to achieve things on their own.

“Super busy kaming dalawa, but I think it’s good. Marami kaming naa-achieve on our own collectively, so super happy,” he said. He already said it previously that what’s good about them now is that they are free and not boxed with each other.

To recall, they broke up in 2022 according to the rumors but the actor has always been direct and tireless in addressing this.

Liza and Enrique have been together since 2014 but only publicly confirmed their relationship in 2019.

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