Enrique Gil Shoes Bought For Php 1.5 Million

These two pairs of shoes by famous actor-dancer Enrique Gil were bought by a content creator with a seven-digit price. The hefty price for two pairs is just reasonable as both are rare and considered collector’s items.

Enrique Gil Rare Shoes Sold For This Huge Price

These shoes of Enrique Gil have whopping price tags.

Kapamilya actress Enrioque Gil sold his two pairs of shoes for Php 1.5 million. These are the details of the items.

Enrique Gil loves collecting and one of his collections is shoes. As an absolute sneakerhead, he has spend hefty costs to each pair and was also able to invest on some pairs that recently brought him bucks.

The I Am Not Big Bird star recently sold his two rare shoes to content creator and entrepreneur Dane Gorospe and this was uploaded on the buyer’s social media page.

Collector’s items

For those who are wondering why those two pairs costed Gorospe a million and a half, this is because those kicks are rare and considered already as collector’s items. These pairs are Nike Mag Back to the Future shoes and Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October.

There are only three of them owning the customized Mag shoes as per the actor.

The Nike Air Mag Ironman Custom has functions that resemble that iconic Marvel superhero. It has auto laces. It can automatically tighten when the person puts his foot inside it. The shoes also have LED lights on the heel, midsole, and strap which is the same as Tony Stark’s Bleeding Edge armor.

The pair was custom-painted by renowned sneaker artist Mache with a red and gold paint job. 

The actor shared the story behind it and according to him, he mainly bought it in 2013 for his “King of the Gil” dance concert in Araneta. However, he was not able to use it for that purpose. He wore the pair for a photoshoot instead.

He bought it for Php 750,000.00 but including the shipping fee and custom designs made on them.

Enrique Gil

The Nike Air Yeezy 2 October, on the other hand, is in color red with a round toe, a lace-up and touch-strap front fastening, and Nike’s signature swoosh logo. It was not his size but still but still bought it because it was rare.

He said, “Hindi ko ito size, pero kumagat pa din ako kasi bihira ka lang makakita ng ganyan.”

As for the asking price, the Yeezy is Php 750,000.00 to Php 800,000.00 while the Air Mag Ironman Custom is Php 1.2 million.

Gorospe offered to buy both for Php 1.4 million but Enrique negotiated and offered to give it away for Php 1.5 million. They flipped a coin to determine which offer should be followed and the actor won.

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