Enrique Gil New Movie Official Trailer

“I Am Not Big Bird” movie of Enrique Gil official trailer finally released.

Kapamilya actor Enrique Gil is back on the big screen and here’s the official trailer of his new movie called “I Am Not Big Bird”.

After many years of hiatus, “King Of The Hill” Enrique Gil is finally back and he is making a comeback through the film “I Am Not Big Bird”. It’s been four years and he is finally returning to the big screen with the comedy film.

In the film, he is Luis Carpio and their adventure in Thailand will give them both an adventure and mischiefs.

The movie with irreverent comedy will show the life of Luis being tied up in a case of mistaken identity. This is because of his uncanny resemblance with a famous personality called Big Bird in Thailand. He will be playing two characters in this film.

Based on a previous article, eight movies were offered to Enrique when he broke his 4-year hiatus. According to his manager, they would like the actor to try something new and get out of the box of romance and rom-com genres. It’s not technically a rebranding but it’s about seeing the actor do something and explore his talent by doing a different genre.

As of July 2023, he has already given his commitment to do three films.

Why Quen accepted this comedy film?

Accordingly, when comes back, he is planning to make something “groundbreaking”. He doesn’t want to make a comeback just doing what people used to see him doing. One of the big reasons as well is his father who is a comedian.

He has drawn inspiration from his father who always try to make other people happy and give them something to laugh about.

Recently, the official trailer has been released and it showed what transpired that led them to go to Thailand. Carpio and his friends arrive in Thailand for a vacation but are surprised when he is met with several slaps from women who claim to know him. This is where his character discovered he has a look-alike.

Watch the video:

This is directed by Victor Villanueva and the other cast members are Red Ollero, Nikko Natividad and Pepe Herrera. It will be in cinemas starting February 14, 2024. A week before this, his former love team Liza Soberano’s Hollywood film will also be released entitled “Lisa Frankenstein”.

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