Lady Netizen Flexes Her Husband’s Kindness for Helping Starving Man

A lady netizen recently shared her husband’s act of kindness in helping a starving man who was asking for leftover food at a fast-food chain.

Madam Roxy Vlogs, a content creator, and her husband encountered a man who opened the door for them at the Mang Inasal Apalit Branch. The man politely asked if they had any leftover food to spare.

Content Creator Shares Husband’s Kindness After Buying Food for Hungry Man

Lady Content Creator Praises Husband for Showing Kindness to Starving Man Asking for Leftover Food

A content creator proudly shares her husband’s kindness after buying food for a hungry man asking for leftover food.

Recently, Madam Roxy Vlogs, a Facebook page, shared a heartwarming story about her husband’s act of kindness towards a man asking for leftover food. The post quickly went viral and garnered reactions from netizens.

The incident took place at Mang Inasal Apalit Branch, where the couple intended to have a snack. They encountered a man, who opened the door for them and politely asked if they had any leftover food to spare.

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Madam Roxy’s husband decided to take action. Despite having only halo-halo for themselves, her husband ordered chicken with drinks and unlimited rice for the man. She commended his willingness to help those in need without hesitation, even when faced with limited cash.

The content creator expressed admiration for her husband’s compassionate heart. She emphasized the importance of extending a helping hand to those less fortunate, urging others to do the same whenever possible.

While the gesture may seem small to some, it can make a huge difference in the lives of those who receive it. She ends the message with a reminder to spread love and kindness wherever possible, emphasizing the transformative power of simple acts of generosity.

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Here is the full post:

“Nandito kami ngayon sa Mang Inasal Apalit Branch para sana magmeryenda, nakita namin tong si Kuya pinagbukas kami ng pinto. Sabi niya “Boss baka may matira kayong pagkain akin nalang.” Alam nyo ginawa ng asawa ko? grabe ka boss. Napakabuti ng puso mo, halo halo lang kinain natin pero inorder mo sya ng chicken with drinks and unli rice. Saludo ako sayo sa twing may makikita tayong mga kapus palad palagi kang may aksyon lalu kung nagugutom. Hindi ka nagdadalawang isip. That’s one of your attitude na bilib talaga ako kahit magagalitin ka. Saludo ko sayo!

Ps: Guys please please kapag may kahit konti tayong kakayanan tumulong gawin natin, without second thoughts. Mas madalas maliit lang ito para satin pero napakalaki nito para sakanila.

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