Junk Collector Sells Gold Coin She Found in Trash to Boss Toyo

Boss Toyo Purchased Gold Coin From Junk Collector for P100, 000

GOLD COIN – A junk collector sells a gold coin she found in the trash to Boss Toyo of Pinoy Pawstars for P100,000.

A woman from Quezon City found herself turning trash into treasure after selling a single gold coin valued at P100,000.

On Friday (January 26, 2024), Pinoy Pawnstars produced by Boss Toyo Productions featured Gemma, a resident of Quezon City in their latest episode (311). She stumbled and found a gold coin while scavenging through trash.

Junk Collector

Initially, Gemma is trying to sell for only P5,000 without knowing the real value of her gold coin. She decided to sell it to earn money and start a small business with her husband.

Pinoy Pawnstars Gold Expert Angelo quickly identified the coin as a Krugerrand, an African coin known for its gold content and historical value. Krugerrands have been used as a form of investment, allowing individuals to exchange cash for gold since 1967.

Gemma’s unexpected discovery shows the potential hidden treasures that can be uncovered in the most unexpected places.

Initially, Jayson Luzadas known as Boss Toyo offered P80, 000 for the coin. However, Angelo said that the price is too low. Luzadas offered P90, 000 leading the junk collector to share her plan to start a business.

Eventually, Boss Toyo decided to buy it for P100,000. For Gemma, the sale of the gold coin could give her a significant financial improvement that could change her family’s current situation.

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The video emphasized the importance of expert appraisal and knowledge in recognizing the true worth of items, especially those with historical or collectible value.

Junk Collector

The video has a caption:

“Pinoy Pawnstars Ep.311 – Mangangalakal na si nanay naka JACKPOT!!”

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Junk Collector

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