Angel Locsin Situation Now According To Dimples Romana

Here’s an update about Angel Locsin from Dimples Romana.

Kapamilya actress Dimples Romana has shared this update about Angel Locsin who is currently “missing in action”.

If there’s one person who can prove that one can live without social media, it would have to be A-list actress Angel Locsin. The longer she stays out of social media the more people miss her.

Angel enjoys life away from spotlight and we can never blame her.

We can’t blame her for stepping out of the showbiz circle to seek peace, however, we just don’t know if this is going to be temporary or already for good. Based on an update about Angel from Dimples Romana last October 2023, she was “so happy and very light” after over a year since she stepped away from the limelight.

She was accordingly aware that her fans have been clamoring for her comeback. The last update we got from her was in August 2022 and there have been many speculations about her sudden and unexplained “disconnection” from the online world.

How is Angel now?

In a recent interview with Romana, she was asked about her best friend, and according to her, Angel is happy and she felt very light. She’s not really into the internet now, she doesn’t even reply or touch her phone but one of her perks is being the best friend, she can see her anytime.

She doesn’t hold her phone and doesn’t reply to anybody.

The good effects of Angel’s isolation from social media even made her realize that indeed not everything must be shared online. That one can still be happy without posting it on social media.

“I am very happy how she’s doing her life because she’s showing a lot of people that ‘Okay, we make choices and this is my choice. This makes me happy and you don’t all have to know about it’. Ang nga eh!” she shared.

She learned this from Angel and even she now limits what she posts online about her life and family.

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