Angel Locsin Is Aware People Are Looking For Her

Dimples Romana shared her recent visit to Angel Locsin

Actress Angel Locsin is aware that people are looking for her amid her decision to have her showbiz and social media break.

Angel is one of the most prominent actresses of her generation. Her versatility was proven with the various projects she did over the years. She was not just known for her caliber in drama projects but she also showcased that she can do action genres.

Amid her popularity, Angel decided to stay away from the limelight. Since 2022, Angel started being inactive in showbiz and on social media.

angel locsin
📷: PEP

Her fans have been waiting patiently for her return. These past months, speculations have surfaced about what is keeping Angel Locsin busy right now. Back in September, talent manager Ogie Diaz said that the actress is enjoying her private life with her husband Neil Arce.

Rumors surfaced that Angel also found a new hobby. It was said that she is now an online gamer. Just recently, one of Angel’s closest friends actress Dimples Romana shared an update.

Dimples said that Angel is enjoying her married life with Neil and she is happy for her friend. She also said that if she can only do what Angel decided to do, she will definitely take a break as well.

dimples romana angel locsin
📷: Cosmo

Based on the article in PEP, Dimples shared that Angel knows that people are requesting for her comeback. “She’s very much aware. And she’s very much happier [that] all are looking for her. It’s touching her heart, yun lang,” Dimples shared.

When asked if she was able to ask Angel if when she will return to doing acting projects, Dimples said, “No, I don’t.” She added that this is not something that she would ask of her friend because she sees the happiness in Angel.

Dimples Romana assured the fans of Angel Locsin is very happy, very light, and giddy when they talked. “If you miss her, know that she is doing very well. She’s happy living her married life with Neil,” she said.  

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