Bianca Manalo Rob Gomez Issue: Alleged Messages Exposed

Bianca Manalo Rob Gomez – The partner of Senator Win Gatchalian is now being linked to the Kapuso actor of her supposed messages to him.

Rob Gomez Rumored Affairs w/ Bianca Manalo, Pearl Gonzales

Rob Gomez is also linked to other female celebrities

Kapuso actor Rob Gomez allegedly has an affair with actresses Bianca Manalo and Pearl Manalo, aside from having an affair with actress Herlene Budol.

When cheating accusations surfaced against Rob, after the cryptic posts of his partner beauty queen Shaila Rebortera, he was linked to Herlene, his leading lady in the Kapuso series Magandang Dilag.

The actor was also accused of physically abusing Shaila. Amid that relationship issue, Rob expressed his desire to reconcile with his partner.

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However, that reconciliation appeared far away from happening for now as the actor’s Instagram page shared proof of his rumored affair with Herlene Budol. Screenshots of their conversations and a photo of pregnancy test results were even shown.

Aside from Herlene, another actress was linked to Rob Gomez. A conversation he had with Pearl Gonzales was also shared on his Instagram page. Pearl’s IG page is no longer available and netizens concluded that she might deactivated her account.

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Amid this issue about Rob’s affair with other women, Bianca Manalo’s name surfaced. Screenshots of her messages to the Kapuso actor were also shown. These are no longer available on Rob’s Facebook Page but netizens were able to grab the screenshots.

In Bianca’s message, she was asking Rob if they could see each other at a certain time. She also mentioned, “He’s not here. He’s in Valenzuela.” Bianca is known as the partner of Senator Win Gatchalian. They have been together for many years already.

In another message, Bianca Manalo was apparently telling Rob Gomez that he was not replying anymore because he was picking up another woman again. Because of this issue, the actor’s name became a trending topic on social media.

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As of writing, Rob, Bianca, Pearl, as well as Herlene Budol, haven’t released a statement yet regarding this issue.

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