Rob Gomez Wants To Reconcile w/ Shaila Rebortera: ‘I’m sorry’

Rob Gomez shares this post following Shaila Rebortera’s controversial post

Kapuso actor Rob Gomez apologized to former beauty queen Shaila Rebortera and expressed that he wants them to get back together.

The issue between Rob and Shaila started when the latter revealed on social media that she and the actor were in a relationship with each other and they have a daughter already. Apparently, the public knew that Rob was single.

Shaila shared photos of her with bruises and this garnered speculations that Rob was abusing her physically. She also claimed that she was told to keep their relationship and their baby a secret.

rob gomez shaila rebortera
Photo credit: @robgomez.23 IG

Weeks ago, Shaila Rebortera made revelations against Rob Gomez and his mom former actress Kate Gomez who spoke about the issue. The former beauty queen claimed that she was told by Rob’s mom to say sorry in exchange for allowing her and the actor to continue to be together.

In her post, Shaila accused Rob of cheating and abusing her. Just recently, after being silent for quite some time, the actor broke his silence on this issue.

On Instagram, Rob shared a series of photos with Shaila and their baby. In the caption of his post, he apologized to his girlfriend and he expressed that he wants to reconcile with her. The actor said sorry for pretending that he was single and promised that he would fulfill what he said to his girlfriend.

rob gomez shaila rebortera
Photo credit: @robgomez.23 IG

“I now understand why distance is the hardest thing to give family.. This is my why, my princess, my queen, my sunshine and my world. My choice everyday, in this lifetime and the next. You are not an option for me to lose. I can’t wait to have you both back in my arms. I’m sorry I said yes to being single when I’m not. I promise to keep my promises to you this time. I love you and Amelia more than anything in the world!” Rob Gomez wrote.

In the comment section of his post, he received a reaction from his Magandang Dilag leading lady Herlene Budol. The actress who is known by her moniker Hipon Girl commented with a heart.

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