Filipino Nurse in Ireland Hailed as Hero for Helping Wounded Child

Ireland Embassy in the Philippines Recognized Filipino Nurse for Helping Stabbed Child

A Filipino nurse in Ireland has been recognized for helping a child who was stabbed amidst a commotion in Dublin last November.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not just in movies or comics. Sometimes, heroes are the everyday people around us who do something extraordinary to help others.

Heroism is not just about wearing capes or having superpowers. It’s about showing courage and kindness, especially when someone needs it the most. Heroes are people who go out of their way to help others, even if it means facing challenges or putting themselves in danger.

Filipino Nurse

You don’t have to look far to find heroes; they might be your friends, family, or even neighbors. It could be the person who helps an elderly neighbor carry groceries, the teacher who stays late to help a struggling student, or the nurse who comforts a scared patient.

Recently, a Pinoy nurse identified as Leo Ralph Villamayor was heading to his graduation when he witnessed a commotion that resulted in a stabbing incident. A child collapsed before him, unaware that the victim was among those attacked by the suspect.

Villamayor quickly administered first aid to the child until the victim could be transported to the hospital. However, as Villamayor attended to the child, the Algerian immigrant suspect continued to rampage. Eventually, the police authorities arrested the suspect.

The Filipino nurse, who did not expect to help anyone outside the hospital walls, became an unexpected hero amidst the commotion. He was honored by the Irish Embassy in the Philippines for his courageous act.

“That time ang iniiisip ko lang po sana ok siya [biktima],” said Villamayor, who learned later that the kid he helped had indeed survived.

His courageous act serves as a testament to the selflessness and courage displayed by individuals during unexpected and challenging circumstances. His actions not only saved a life but also earned him the title of a hero.

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