Seaman Captures Hearts of Netizens Over Surprise Marriage Proposal to Girlfriend

Seaman Goes Viral Over Surprise Marriage Proposal to Girlfriend on LRT-1

A seaman goes viral and captures the hearts of the netizens due to his surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

The heartwarming surprise marriage proposal by seaman Mark Castro Magnaye to his girlfriend Wenzel Joy Odoño at the LRT-1 Bambang station has taken the internet by storm, with netizens showering the couple with love and support.

The post quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from the internet users.


Wenzel initially planned to pick up Mark from the airport, unaware that a beautiful surprise awaited her at the LRT-1 Bambang station. As she stepped off the train, she was greeted by Mark, holding a bouquet and a ring, ready for the marriage proposal.

In a viral TikTok video, Wenzel shared the unexpected turn of events, expressing her disbelief at the romantic gesture. “Akala ko susunduin kita sa airport pag baba ng barko pero mas maaga pa pala baba mo at may surprise ka pa,” she captioned the video.

Wenzel and Mark’s love story began at LRT station. According to Wenzel, it was in 2021 that they first crossed paths and engaged in conversation on the LRT-1.


However, fate seemed to have connected their destinies long before then, as Wenzel recalled glimpses of Mark in her life as far back as 2007 when they both resided in Cavite.

The LRT-1, once just a mode of transportation, now holds a special place in their hearts. The couple plans to tie the knot in 2024. Their story proves that love may happen even in unexpected places.

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Surprise Marriage Proposal

The heartwarming proposal earned millions of views on TikTok. The post garnered various reactions from the online community:

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