Young Boy Allegedly Punched by Restobar Customer While Caroling

Young Boy Earns Sympathy Online After He Was Allegedly Punched by Restobar Customer While Caroling

A young boy at a bakery was allegedly punched by a restobar customer after inquiring if he could sing Christmas carols.

A concerned netizen shared a distressing incident involving a child who was allegedly attacked at a bakery. The disturbing post quickly circulated online and elicited reactions from internet users.

The incident started when a child engaged in a conversation with a netizen after being allegedly assaulted on the forehead by a customer at a nearby restobar. Seated and visibly upset, the child recounted the incident.

Young Boy

The child explained that he would just like to sing Christmas carols to earn some money when the suspect suddenly punched him in the forehead. The boy bursts into tears after feeling extreme pain.

The young victim did not report the incident to the police authorities due to his fear of the wealthy customer who assaulted him.

The restobar owner responded, expressing shock over the incident and assuring the public that they were unaware of such an event in their parking area. Unfortunately, there were no CCTV cameras in the parking lot.

The business owner emphasized their commitment to not tolerate such behavior and expressed their willingness to help the victim.

Here is the owner’s statement:

“On behalf of bokbok restobar wala kami kabalo na my amu na gali na incident sa amon parking area. Sad to say wala nada cctv ang sa parking area. Wala man nangayo bulig sa management and crew ang victim sang na tabo ang incident. We dont tolerate such bahavior kag indi man na namon ma control bahavior sang amon mga customer if ever na my ma bulig kami sa victim willing gd kami mag bulig.” suno sa tag-iya sang restobar.”

(On behalf of BoKBok Restobar, we were unaware of any incident in our parking area. Unfortunately, we don’t have CCTV coverage there. Our management and crew were not approached for help during the incident. We do not tolerate such behavior, and we cannot control the actions of our customers. If there is any way we can assist the victim, we are more than willing to help)

The incident serves as a reminder for establishments to enhance security measures and for the community to foster an environment where everyone feels safe and protected. The netizens are hoping that justice will be served.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

Young Boy

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