Restobar Customer Punches Young Kid Singing Christmas Carols

Restobar Customer

CAROLING – A restobar customer allegedly punched a young kid singing Christmas carols, sparking reactions from netizens. A concerned netizen revealed that the victim was simply trying to earn some money by singing Christmas carols when the suspect unexpectedly punched him in the forehead. The boy cried but refrained from reporting the incident to the … Read more

Young Boy Allegedly Punched by Restobar Customer While Caroling

Young Boy

Young Boy Earns Sympathy Online After He Was Allegedly Punched by Restobar Customer While Caroling A young boy at a bakery was allegedly punched by a restobar customer after inquiring if he could sing Christmas carols. A concerned netizen shared a distressing incident involving a child who was allegedly attacked at a bakery. The disturbing … Read more