Robin Padilla Wants To Expand Pres & VP’s Terms: Isn’t It Too Much?

Robin Padilla filed a bill seeking expanded terms for President and Vice President

Senator Robin Padilla aims to extend the terms of President and Vice President but how sure he is that his intention for the betterment of government service will happen through this.

Padilla has been very vocal about his desire to amend the 1987 Constitution. He filed the Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 5 in which it was stated that the president and vice president would be elected as “joint candidates” and serve for four years with two terms.

Under this bill, he also aims that the Senate would grow to 54 members, with 24 of them serving for eight years, based on the report from Inquirer.

robin padilla

The House of Representatives lawmakers would serve for four years. “A joint candidacy for the President and Vice President provides for an electoral landscape that will shift its emphasis from individual personalities to the unified policy agenda and will foster a more strategic and effective governance,” Sen. Robin Padilla explained.

It was also stated that the elections, if this bill will be put into law, would take place on the second Monday of May 2028. RBH No. 5 stated the Senate and House of Representatives, through this constitutional assembly, or vote of three-fourths of congressional members, and each chamber voting separately.

I do not want to sound pessimistic but I think a total of 8 years as President and Vice President is too much already. Six years is enough, I can say, to serve properly and to get everything down.

What I think is lacking is the fast and efficient actions that public servants have. Yes, they are busy, they are working almost every single day. Is six years not enough to complete all the projects and programs the President and Vice President could have under their terms?

If their projects and programs will not be finished while serving their terms, would it be difficult for their successors to continue these? This is something that is not commendable in Philippine politics. Successors of the President and Vice President tend to discontinue what they have started because of different political affiliations.

It could be challenging to complete the task you must do within the given time but this will show how diligent an elected official is. I think six years is enough just work harder.

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