Jam Magno Jail Issue: Socmed Personality Speaks About Case

Jam Magno Jail – The social media personality spoke about the case that was filed against her after her mug shot circulated online.

Jam Magno Speaks About Being Arrested, Smiling Mug Shot

Jam Magno became a trending topic on social media because she was recently arrested

Social media personality Jam Magno spoke about being arrested and explained why she was smiling in her mug shot.

Jam became a trending topic on social media several times and most often, it is because of her controversial statements. She is known as a die-hard supporter of former President Rodrigo Duterte.

Many times, she became controversial for attacking the opposition and her criticisms against political personalities like former Vice President Leni Robredo. Because of her fiery statements, there were instances when netizens wanted to ban her on social media.

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In 2020, her TikTok page was banned after she bashed Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo.

On December 13, 2023, Jam Magno became a trending topic on social media not because of her controversial statement but because of her arrest. Fan page Kapamilya Online World shared Jam’s mug shot and the details of her case.

Jam Magno was arrested in Butuan City on Dec. 12, 2023 at 11:45 am for the violation of RA 9262 or the Violation Against Women and Children Act. The Warrant of Arrest was issued by Judge Ali Joseph Ryan Chiong Lloren of RTC Branch 37, 7th Judicial Region, Cagayan de Oro,” the post stated.

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📷: Kapamilya Online World X Page

It was noticeable that she was smiling in her mug shot photo and this was criticized by netizens because she seemed happy about what happened. “Not us! She is just pretending to be happy just so her detractors sees it as nothing. But for sure her whole being is shaking and her heart is pounding like jerry. Lol,” X user @JamesCedricLim commented.

Through her Facebook post, Jam Magno explained why she was smiling. “I smiled because I am NOT guilty,” she wrote. The social media personality also stressed that she was not arrested because she surrendered.

I surrendered and posted my 72,000 peso bail and did NOT ask for a discount, and I was escorted by an entire TEAM of Butuan’s BEST,” Jam said. She added that netizens should also post her Miranda rights video because she looks more beautiful in that.

Jam also thanked Butuan City Police Station 4 “for the wonderful experience” that she had. “I actually loved it!” the social media personality said.

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