Annabelle Rama and Sarah Lahbati: Here Are Some Intriguing Revelations

ANNABELLE RAMA AND SARAH LAHBATI – Several statements are circulating online about the Sarah-Richard split. Among these intriguing statements came from the mother of the actor who is now eager to spill the truth but just can’t yet.

Annabelle Rama Speaks About Her Involvement In Sarah-Richard Split

Is it true that Annabelle Rama is the reason behind the split?

There are rumors that Annabelle Rama is the reason behind the split of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati and here is what she said about this.

The rumored split of Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez is circulating online. It has been months since they shared posts about each other and this was the hint people took that ignited the speculation.

There were also several escapades that Sarah and Richard went to with their sons separately.

Adding more fuel to the speculation is Sarah’s new look sporting short hair. Many people interpreted that this move of a woman is a sign of transition. In a previous article, Annabelle Rama was asked about this but refused to directly answer the question.

According to Richard’s mother, he has been staying with her for a month now and their two sons are with him. Annabelle’s revelations included some statements as if swiping at his wife. They are not on speaking terms and she said, “Si Richard trabaho nang trabaho, ‘yung isa nagwawaldas ng pera. ‘Yun lang ang masasabi ko diyan.”

She furthered that in time, truth will told.

Just recently, in a Facebook post, she spoke about her alleged involvement in the split and that’s when she released a bit of her anger. In her post, she said that it happened so quickly and it all started when Sarah’s parents went to the Philippines.

One thing strongly stressed is that she is not the reason behind the split. Annabelle even added that if only she were allowed to speak, the public would probably be in great surprise as she is not the “kontrabida”.

She did not wish for their separation as she loves her grandchildren.

“Mag enjoy sana ang buong mundo sa sasabihin kung kwento. Gigil na gigil na akong isiwalat ang katotohanan sa pangyayari pero wala akong magawa. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata,” she said on her post.

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