Hardworking Mom Sells Bot-ong to Support Children’s Education

Hardworking Mom Displays Deep Love for Family by Selling Bot-ong to Support Children’s Education

A hardworking mom sells bot-ong (glutinous rice mixed with gata in banana leaves) to support her children’s education.

Even before the break of dawn, a devoted mother in Silay City, Negros Occidental is already busy cooking and selling her mouth-watering delicacies to ensure her four children can go to school.

Meet Michelle Sunday, a 30-year-old mother with four children attending elementary school. She is determined to support her husband in providing an education for their children. Her family resides in E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental.

Hardworking Mom

Michelle shares that she sells ‘Kakanin’ to contribute to the family’s income, emphasizing the necessity of selling ‘bot-ong’ to buy rice, viand, and ensure her children have school supplies and other basic needs.

Expressing her hopes for a brighter future for her children, Michelle said, “Sige lang ah. Batunon ta kun ano ang misyon nga ginhatag sang ginoo sa aton, importante nagabakas kita, kag nagapaninguha para sa aton pamilya.”

(Let’s keep going. Let’s accept whatever mission the Lord has given us. We must strive and work hard for our family)

Hardworking Mom

The hardworking mom’s story serves as a reminder of the sacrifices parents make to secure an education for their children. Her determination and hard work display the deep love and commitment parents have for their families’ well-being and future success.

“Bot-ong” is a popular ‘kakanin’ delicacy in Visayas. It is made with glutinous rice mixed with gata wrapped in banana leaves. It is pointed at one end and wrapped in banana leaves.

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Like ‘Ibos’, it is usually paired with sugar, bukayo, or other dips. The delicacy is made with coconut milk and sugar boiled until it is syrupy and caramelized.

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