Chicharon Vendor Goes Viral For His Dedication to Support Child’s College Education

A chicharon vendor goes viral and earns praise online for his dedication to support his child’s college education.

The 58-year-old vendor named Tatay Romeo Mahilum rises early each day to sell chicharon along Talisay City in Negros Occidental. Armed with a single motorbike, he braves extreme weather conditions just to earn money.

Dedicated Father Sells Chicharon to Support Child’s College Education

Online Community Praise Dedicated Father for Selling Chicharon to Support Child’s College Education

A dedicated father earns praise from the online community for selling chicharon to support his child’s college education.

A father’s love is like a sturdy shelter during a storm. No matter what challenges life brings, Dad is there to provide comfort and support. They may not always express it loudly, but their actions speak louder.

Whether it’s fixing a broken toy or offering a listening ear, a father’s love is a reliable anchor in the sea of life’s uncertainties. As you grow older, so does the depth of your understanding of the sacrifices and hard work that Dad puts in for the family.

Dedicated Father

Recently, Tatay Romeo Mahilum, a 58-year-old resident of Sagrado Tres, Barangay Zone 16, Talisay, Negros Occidental, rises early each day to sell chicharon (pork cracklings) to put his child through college.

The vendor takes pride in personally sourcing the chicharon he sells, making the journey to Lopez, Barangay Mandalagan in the city of Bacolod. Armed with a single motorbike, he roams the streets to procure the crispy delicacy that will become his merchandise for the day.

Dedicated Father

With dedication etched on his face, Tatay Romeo sets out to sell his chicharon, not just for profit but to provide for his child’s education. Using the income from his daily sales, he ensures there is enough to buy rice and support his only child.

The chicharon he offers is not just a snack, it is proof of his hard work and sacrifice. The savory delight, when dipped in the special vinegar concoction he personally makes, becomes a delicious snack.

Dedicated Father

Customers testify to the quality of his chicharon, praising its delicious taste and crispy texture.

Bahala na pigado kag amo lang ini ang akon palangabuhian basta ara sa husto kag indi kinawatan,” Mahilum said.

(I may not be wealthy, but this is my way of making a living, as long as it’s honest work and not begging)

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Dedicated Father

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