Andrea Brillantes Mom On Basher Who Questioned Her Upbringing

The mother of Andrea Brillantes answered a basher

Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes has a basher who questioned how her mother Belle Brillantes raised her.

Andrea is one of the most talked-about celebrities these past few days. It is because of her alleged involvement in the breakup between Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. The young actress was accused of being the third party and allegedly, an intimate moment happened between her and the actor.

Andrea has been very vocal about her crush on Daniel. In one of her interviews, she admitted that she looked up to the actor as a young kid.

andrea brillantes
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Amid the issues dragging her into the KathNiel breakup, Andrea Brillantes remained silent despite the bashing that she received online and the urging from netizens that she should speak.

In a recent social media post, Belle Brillantes posted something about the negativity spreading online these past few days. “⁣So much hatred in the net these days. We turned into [a] bunch of savages. Spread all that hate and lies, these negativity will not break my spirit,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

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@belle_brillantes via Balita

Despite the negativity, Andrea’s mom said that she is thankful that her kids and her mom are healthy and surrounded by people full of love and compassion. “Hate is baggage, life is too short to be angry all the time,” she added.

Based on the article in Balita, this post that Andrea’s mom shared received a negative reaction. “Papano mo kaya pinalaki si Andrea no?” the basher questioned.

Belle answered with conviction, “Paano? Napagtapos niya sa school mga kapatid niya, nakapagpagawa ng bahay, may sariling negosyo. Ikaw, anong ambag mo sa mundo?” In a past interview, Andrea admitted that from the time she entered show business, she became their family’s breadwinner.

Meanwhile, Bea Borres, one of the closest friends of Andrea Brillantes, was also questioned by netizens because of her silence amid the KathNiel breakup issue. To recall, Bea had her “hanash” online during the actress’s issue with her ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero.

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