Andrea Brillantes BFF Speaks About KathNiel Issue

A friend of Andrea Brillantes has this post about the KathNiel issue

Vlogger Bea Borres, one of the close friends of actress Andrea Brillantes, caught the attention of the online community because of her post about her silence in the KathNiel issue.

To recall, Bea caught the attention of netizens when basketball player Ricci Rivero answered her post on X. This was after Ricci and Andrea’s breakup was confirmed. Bea appeared to have attacked the ex-boyfriend of her BFF.

However, netizens noticed that in the recent issue involving Andrea, Bea was silent and has not posted anything about this.

andrea brillantes bea borres
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To recall, amid the then-KathNiel breakup rumors, Andrea Brillantes was accused of being involved. Allegedly, there was an intimate moment between her and Daniel Padilla, and Kathryn Bernardo found out about this.

Amid the issue, Andrea remained silent and this was what Bea did as well. When Bea shared a post on TikTok, this became a venue for netizens’ comments about the KathNiel issue.

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After those comments, Bea shared another TikTok video answering why she’s silent about the recent issue involving her friend, based on the article in Inquirer.

Mag-asaran tayo dito. Wala kayong makukuha sa’kin. Noong ako salita nang salita, gusto niyong manahimik ako. Sasabihan n’yo akong sawsawera. Tapos ngayong nananahimik ako, kung anu-ano pa ring sinasabi niyo,” Andrea’s friend said.

@beaaborres Replying to @sancai ♬ original sound – Bea B

This post received negative reactions from netizens. Some said that she was tolerating her friend even though there was already a mistake while some urged her that this was the time to speak. Some said that she sounded guilty and that this is what people who are on the wrong side would say.

Here are some comments that triggered Bea Borres to speak about her silence in the KathNiel issue involving Andrea Brillantes.

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📷: via Inquirer

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