Subic Zambales: Things To Know About This Place Before Visiting

What comes first to mind when you hear Subic Zambales? It depends but here are some details about this place.

One of the beautiful places to visit in the Philippines is Subic Zambales and here are some essential things to know about this.

Zoobic Safari is one of the popular tourist spots in Subic. The Americans built a naval base here which in turn became a special economic zone. In the old days, this place was called Hubek which means head of the plough.

However, it became Subic spelled Subiq when Spanish missionary priests and colonizers came and mispronounced the word of the place. The Americans called it Subig and in time, people began to revert to Subiq, and the “q” was changed to “c, hence, the Subic that we have now.

In the North, it is one of the most famous destinations and it became popular even before Siargao Island and La Union became popular beach spots. There are a lot of leisure and recreational activities to do here.

There are guided treks and jungle survival tours and there are also offerings to those who would want to do extreme sports. there are theme parks, diving spots (wreck diving), sailing, extreme water sports, and adventure parks around the area.

Some of the best tourist spots in Subic that you must visit are:

  1. Zoobic Safari
  2. Inflatable Island
  3. USS New York Sea Wreck
  4. Ocean Adventure
  5. El Kabayo Waterfalls
  6. Funtastic Park
  7. Pamulaklakin Forest Trail
  8. Subic Bay Yacht Club
  9. Magaul Bird Park
  10. JEST Camp

As for the accommodations in Subic, there are a lot of them scattered in the area and each has its own unique offering. This means wider options for guests who have personal preferences when it comes to places to stay when on a vacation.

How to get to Subic Bay

Via Public Bus – There are buses from Victory Liner and Saulog Transit with Olongapo-Manila. Victory Liner has terminals in Pasay City, Caloocan, Sampaloc, and Cubao while Saulog Transit is at Dr. Lopez Jaena Street, Cavite City.

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