Jessy Mendiola Claps Back To Netizen Who Called Her Photo “Masagwa”

Here’s the response of Jessy Mendiola to the basher.

Actress-vlogger Jessy Mendiola claps back to the netizen who left a negative comment on her latest photos on social media.

It has been a while since actress Jessy Mendiola left the limelight. But despite leaving, she remained connected to her supporters through social media and her YouTube channel.

Based on her updates, she is very hands-on with her daughter Isabella Rose, her first child with Luis Manzano.

She focused on being a housewife and a mother but this does not mean she is taking away her focus from herself. All the while she is being a mother and a wife, she is also working on herself and this is seen in her physically.

Jessy’s body is back to its fit figure and she definitely looked like she did not give birth. There was no trace that she has become a mother and many people commend her for her discipline to do it.

It truly takes a lot to lose excess weight but despite Jessy’s hard work and discipline to achieve the body that she has now, there’s this one person who did not appreciate it when she flaunted it in a photo shoot.

“Dina bagay sayo ganyan may peanut kana.. Masagwa tingnan,” says the netizen implying that what she did is already inappropriate because she now has a daughter.

This has caught her attention and in an Instagram story, she clapped back to it. She wrote in a reply:

“so kapag may anak bawal ma maging comfortable sa sariling katawan? Stop mom/parent shaming. it’s because of people like you kaya nahihiya mga ibang nanay maging comfortable at confident sa sarili nila. Just live and let live. Hindi ka naman inaagrabyado.”

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She furthered that she hopes this kind of thinking about those who have already given birth will be stopped. If her husband is not offended by her photos, she can’t see the reason why others must.

The actress believes that mothers are allowed to be confident in their skin and that other people should let them be in being comfortable with themselves while being a mother at the same time.

She leans toward not neglecting one’s self despite having a child or children.

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