National IDs Found in Trash, Netizen Airs Dismay

Lady Netizen Expresses Dismay Over National IDs Found in Trash, Netizen

BACOLOD CITY – A lady netizen has expressed her dismay after several National IDs were discarded in the trash.

The National Identification Card, or National ID for short, is a special card issued by the government. It’s like your personal ID badge that carries important information about you. This includes your name, birthdate, address, and other details that help the government know who you are.

The National ID aims to simplify life by providing a single identification card for various purposes. Instead of juggling multiple cards for different services, you only need this one card to access many benefits.

National IDs

Recently, Naima Chisno Magondacan, a Facebook user, shared a photo of several national identification cards that were allegedly discarded in the trash. The post garnered various reactions from the internet users.

Magondacan, expressed her frustration after stumbling upon these important documents in an unexpected place. She questioned the efficiency of the post office in handling such sensitive matters.

The incident raises serious questions about the security and proper handling of essential identification documents.

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The IDs were found at 888 China Town Square Bacolod, specifically on Gatuslao Street in Barangay 9, Bacolod City.

Magondacan traced the source of the discarded IDs to the housekeeping staff of the mall, who reportedly handed them over to Magondacan’s younger sibling.

The National IDs in question belonged to Magondacan’s aunt, a family friend, two younger siblings, and the spouse of one of Magondacan’s siblings. The fact that such critical identification documents ended up in the trash is not only alarming but also raises concerns of netizens.

The National ID system is meant to enhance security and streamline various processes, but incidents like this undermine the public’s confidence in the system.

The online community expressed their reactions to the incident:

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