Kathryn Bernardo Breakup Post Reaches 5.2M+ Likes In Just 24 Hours

The breakup post of Kathryn Bernardo is record-breaking in terms of likes.

An Instagram post from actress Kathryn Bernardo has put all the rumors to rest and after 24 hours, it already reached more than five million likes.

A relationship breakup is an event that will spin you back to square with pain because of the memories and the most heartbreaking part is that memories are all you’re just left with. The reasons and situations differ but it comes down to one fact and that is separation.

The KathNiel split was not just sensational but also heartbreaking to many people.

Their love team has become many people’s inspiration. From timid teenagers in Growing Up to being Jo and Primo in The Hows Of Us, they’ve witnessed it all. Their chemistry is beyond the screen, they embody it in real life.

Daniel Padilla’s statement about the split broke hearts as well as Kath’s post.

However, Kathryn’s breakup post did not only broke millions of hearts but also broke records by gaining more than five million likes. As of this writing, it now has 5,235,408 likes and still counting.

In the caption, the actress wrote, “Chapter closed. I hope this finally helps all of us move forward. I won’t be entertaining questions regarding this anymore. Thank you for understanding.”

In the same post, Bernardo expressed that “what they had was real”. It wasn’t just for the show or for the success of their love team. She was aware of the rumors surrounding her so she wanted to announce the breakup.

“What Deej and I had was real. It was never for show. We were together not because of the cameras, not because of the fans, not because of the money that comes with a successful love team. We were genuinely in love. We grew up together, dreamed together, and saw many of those dreams become a reality-still together,” her post said.

The actress is among the most followed Filipina actresses. She now has over 19.3 million followers but on the top spot of the list is Anne Curtis who already has 19.9 followers as of this writing.

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