Daniel Padilla is “Juts,” According to Conversation Between 2 Netizens

Gillian Vicencio Says Daniel Padilla is “Juts”, According to Conversation of 2 Netizens

Gillian Vicencio has claimed that Daniel Padilla is “Juts,” based on a conversation between two unidentified netizens.

The real-life couple, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, has become the center of online controversy following their breakup, breaking the hearts of KathNiel fans.

In her Instagram post, Kathryn Bernardo confirmed her breakup with Deejay, stating that she wanted the confirmation to come directly from her. The actress expressed her awareness of the circulating rumors online.

Daniel Padilla

The Kapamilya star clarified that their relationship was genuine, not just for the camera and fans. Kathryn emphasized that she would never regret spending almost half of her life with him.

Bernardo shared that the 11 years she spent with Daniel brought her joy, adventure, and a feeling of being at home. Despite their efforts to make the relationship work, things eventually fell apart.

Andrea Brillantes was linked to Daniel Padilla before the official confirmation, and the online community is urging her to share her side of the story.

Daniel Padilla

Ogie Diaz also claimed that Andrea and DJ were allegedly seeing each other secretly. Amidst the breakup, another Star Magic actress, Gillian Vicencio, has found herself in the spotlight as netizens link her to the actor.

The rumors gained traction after discussions on various forums mentioned Gillian’s name multiple times. In the conversation, Sue Ramirez’s name was also brought up.

According to the conversation, Gillian told Sue that Daniel was “Juts.” Ramirez then shared this information with Sofia Andres, eventually reaching Kathryn.

Daniel Padilla Daniel Padilla Daniel Padilla

Bernardo reportedly noticed that Daniel engaging in conversations with someone else, leading to a confrontation when Daniel refused to let her see his phone. As of this writing, Gillian has not responded to the rumors.

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DISCLAIMER: There is still no confirmation if the screenshots of conversation were legitimate.

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