Heart Evangelista Appreciates Marian Rivera For Doing This

In an interview, Heart Evangelista expressed her appreciation for Marian Rivera.

Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista said she appreciated Marian Rivera for initiating their reconciliation that led to renewed friendship.

In 2011, Heart Evangelista claimed Marian Rivera attacked and threatened her. The issue of Heart and Marian started around this time and the friction began when the former was doing the film “Temptation Island. But 12 years later, these queens have reconciled.

In October, many people noticed that Heart and Marian were following each other on social media.

Speaking about their renewed friendship, Marian expressed that they have already talked. She wanted to be at peace with everyone and whatever they talked behind the scenes, she’d rather keep it to herself.

Just recently, Heart was also made to speak about the reconciliation and she expressed her appreciation for her fellow actress. According to her, Marian was the one who initiated the reconciliation which she really appreciated.

She is giving the credit to Marian who spoke to their common friends if they can help her see her.

“I really do give credit to Marian. She really spoke to a lot of our common friends that she’d like to see me, ganyan,” she said and wished for them to finally see each other personally.

Just like Marian, she also did not disclose any specific details about the renewed friendship. In a previous article, Heart said this on the status of her friendship with Marian, “Ayoko na ng kaaway, honestly. Real queens support each other. It’s a testament that it’s really the people around us that make things bad.” 

Meanwhile, Evangelista is currently working on her “unfiltered” vlog series. She shares random parts of her life on YouTube and this series is where she intends to show people her “authentic self”.

She is thankful that her husband supports her fashion career. She has shown him how and what they do during fashion events and that’s when he finally realized how much hard work they put on to pull off these fashion activities.

Heart quipped, “He’s there for me as I am there for him, too.”

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