Chowking Issue: Crew Resigns After Video Went Viral

CHOWKING ISSUE – Sales over safety? The viral video caught social media attention but it also prompted the crew to resign. In the video, it did not sit well with the people for the company to let their crew do the out-of-store order-taking. After the video went viral, the crew resigned.

Chowking Crew In A Viral Video Resigns, Receives Help

Netizens send help and react to the Chowking crew who has now resigned.

CHOWKING CREW – A female crew has recently went viral because of her job but after getting viral, she resigned.

This famous fast-food restaurant is a go-to for many people whenever they would want to eat Chinese food. It officially became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jollibee Foods Corporation in 2000.

But over the weekend, a video of the female crew going house to house to ask for orders went viral. People online were in disbelief because of the situation – little pay, maximum work, and no allowance for transportation and food to do the “required” job to reach their sales.

Kim Chiu was called out because of the video as she is the main endorser of the fast-food restaurant.

Shortly after the video went viral, Chowking issued an official statement. In the statement, the company assured the people that they are “treating this matter seriously” and that the “concerned team member continues to be a valued member of the store”.

In an update from Jover Laurio, the female crew in the viral video has resigned. According to her, the decision was made by her and her family not because she was guilty but because she had already decided to move on to another opportunity.

Netizens have various reactions to this but their hearts go out to her after losing the job despite of it being her own decision. Several also reached out and gave her financial help. There were also those who expressed that the employee must have been forced to resign to maintain their clean record in the company.

Others agreed to her decision to leave as there’s a possibility that she will be picked on by her co-workers and the management because of the video that created a loud buzz online.

Here are some comments from the post:

I think finorced siya ng management na magresign.. Alam ko yan kc nagojt ako sa isang fast food para malinis yung record ng employee nila

Haha. Kahit naman ako nu magrresign na lang kesa pag initan pa ko ng management.

ng resign nalang ng kusa kasi for sure pag initan yan ng manager or kasama niya na pa bidabida

we all know how dirty the industry is. kung mag stay sya don eh mapapaginitan lang sya.

Wait, bakit nag resign? dapat ang store manager ang sabihan ng management

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