PNP Clearance Process for Application — A Step-by-Step Guide

PNP CLEARANCE – You can check the guide below for the steps in getting a Police Clearance from the Philippine National Police.

Daily, one of the documents that countless Filipinos are in the pursuit of obtaining is the Police Clearance or also called the PNP Clearance. There is a simple process which you can follow below to ensure a smooth process of obtaining the document.

Police Clearance in the Philippines

Steps on How To Get Police Clearance in the Philippines

POLICE CLEARANCE – Here are the steps on how to get this important document in the Philippines.

Often times, one of the requirements for employment in the Philippines is the police clearance or the clearance from the Philippine National Police (PNP). It proves that a person is free from records.

Aside from being a requirement in employment, this clearance issued by the PNP is also considered as one of the Philippine valid identification document. It can be used in other legal transactions.

Are you planning to get a police clearance in the Philippines? There are only a few easy steps that you will have to follow and you may obtain it within a day of processing.

Police Clearance Get

Here are the easy steps on how to get a police clearance in the Philippines:

Step 1

Prepare all the requirements needed in getting a clearance from the PNP. To see the full list of requirements, visit – Requirements for Clearance From Police.

Step 2

Go to the local municipal or city police station nearest to the place you’re residing at. Inform a personnel or a staff of the department that you want to get a clearance. You will be given an application form.

Step 3

Provide factual and accurate information to the application form. Some details will be used in your police clearance.

Step 4

You will be given a slip that indicates the payment for the processing. Pay for the fee at the designated area for payment and take the receipt. You will use it for the fingerprinting.

Step 5

Proceed to the personnel in charged for the fingerprinting. The personnel will assist you in the process.

Step 6

Pay for the security fee after securing your fingerprinting. You will be given a small white receipt which you should then present to the encoding area.

Step 7

After having all your information encoded, proceed to the area designated for the photo capture. You will also be asked to do a digital signing and as well as thumb-marking.

Step 8

Proceed to the releasing area and wait for the release of your clearance.

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