Content Creator Failed to Enter Tourist Spot Due to Controversial Entrance Fee

The content creator Bogito failed to enter a tourist spot in Palawan due to a hefty entrance fee for vloggers like him.

The Pinoy vlogger faces roadblock during a visit to Fort Santa Isabel in the town of Taytay. He was asked by the management to pay an entrance fee of P5, 000. The incident took place on November 14, 2023.

Palaweño Vlogger Bogito Denied Entry to Popular Tourist Spot Due to P5,000 Entrance Fee

Palaweño Vlogger Bogito Faces Roadblock as He Tries to Flex Historic Fort

BOGITO – The Palaweño vlogger failed to enter a popular tourist spot after he was asked to pay a P5,000 entrance fee.

Bogito, known for his engaging content with over 400,000 followers on Facebook, faced a disappointing setback during a visit to Fort Santa Isabel in the town of Taytay. His supposed visit to the spot took an unexpected turn when he was asked to pay an entrance fee of P5,000 by the management.

In a vlog released on November 14, 2023, viewers can witness Bogito’s attempt to explore Fort Santa Isabel. The Palaweño musician and vlogger had plans to venture inside the fort, but his visit was cut short due to the demand for the hefty entrance fee.

Palaweño Vlogger

The fee, termed a “media production fee,” was required not only for Bogito but also for his child, Bogita. The management of Fort Santa Isabel justified their fee by claiming that the prices were set by the municipality of Taytay for content creators.

The incident took place at the fort’s entrance, where Bogito was confronted by a female staff member. She inquired about his social media following, to which Bogito proudly mentioned his huge fan base of over 400,000 followers.

However, instead of a warm welcome, he was informed about the mandatory entrance fee, which, according to the management personnel, is a part of their ordinance.

Palaweño Vlogger

Bogito and his family, originally from Paly Island in Taytay, now residing in Cavite, make an annual tradition of returning to their hometown for a vacation. The unexpected fee dispute has left the vlogger and his family disheartened.

Bogito, in his clarification, stated, “Wala po kami ibang intensyon ‘don na masama, Ipinakita lang po namin kung ano ‘yung kaganapan doon.”

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The controversial video quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from the internet users:

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