Victory Liner Incident, Netizens Expressed Fear

Viral online is the Victory Liner incident which sparked fear among commuters.

VICTORY LINER INCIDENT – Two passengers were shot dead inside a public bus on Wednesday afternoon, November 15.

A man and a woman were gunned down inside a public bus in broad daylight and in front of the other passengers by two unknown men. This incident happened on Wednesday afternoon, November 15.

Victory Liner Incident

The clip of this incident is circulating online and has gone viral already. As of this posting, the words “Victory Liner” are trending on X.

In the video which was taken by a dashcam, two men stood and walked their way in the direction of two passengers. The killed passengers were seated in the first line of seats just beside the door of the bus.

Victory Liner Incident

The victims were wearing face masks and they both died on the spot after each of them received two gunshots. The first one to be shot at was the woman in the head. The gunmen ordered the bus driver to stop and open the door to let them out. They disembarked on the Maharlika Highway near a river.

They went out as if nothing happened. It looked like their main target were just the victims as they did not hurt others.

This incident has been reported to the authorities already and the police are now conducting a follow-up investigation.

The video sparked discussions online and most netizens who are commuters expressed their fear.

Victory Liner Incident

Here are some reactions from the fearful netizens:

do we not have a weapon detection system in public vehicles like buses? kasi it’s scary to think na ppl can just easily carry around güns undetected inside a public transpo

This is so traumatizing for a person who always commute.

Commuters in the Philippines have never been safe

sobrang kinabahan ako… bakit ganito na mga tao ngayon.

Nakakatakot jusko. If you’re going to share the video make sure to put cw. So disturbing.

organized crime for sure. obviously yung two passengers lang ung target.

grabe nakaka trauma yung video

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