Did Sara Duterte Listen To Critics As She Gave Up OVP’s CF?

Sara Duterte is no longer pushing for her confidential funds

Vice President Sara Duterte apparently heard the words of her critics as it was recently reported that she gave up the Office Of The Vice President’s confidential funds.

VP Sara has been under fire because of the confidential funds issue. She was criticized on social media and even her fellow public servants became her critics. In line with the criticisms she received, her father former President Rodrigo Duterte defended her.

ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro was one of the politicians who questioned the huge amount that the OVP was asking for the CF. PRRD posed a “threat” to the lawmaker and this was not tolerated by other representatives.

sara duterte
📷: Inquirer

Following the heavy criticism, it was reported by Inquirer that VP Sara Duterte is giving up the OVP’s P500 million confidential funds.

Senator Sonny Angara, chair of the Senate committee on finance and sponsor of the 2024 national budget bill, said that the Vice President issued a statement that her office will no longer ask for CF.

He also said that OVP will only ask for the budget intended to be used for the project to address the poverty problem of many Filipinos.

“Your honor, actually, we are in receipt of a statement from the VP [and] we discussed [it] earlier. According to her, the OVP can only propose a budget to support the safe implementation of its programs to alleviate poverty and promote [the] general welfare of Filipino families. Nonetheless, they will no longer pursue the confidential and intelligence funds or the confidential funds. And the reason why is because it seems to be divisive, and as the VP, she swore and  [took an] oath to keep the country peaceful and strong,” Angara said.

Is it safe to say that the Vice President actually heard her critics? VP Sara is one of the public servants who are trying to address different problems in the country. She has been visible in different places in the country doing her duty as a Vice President and the Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd).

However, she was criticized regarding the confidential funds, especially when she could not explain the huge amount that the DepEd was asking for the CF.

It is a good thing when the public follows and supports the elected leaders but in order to have “checks and balances,” it is also good to have critics. Through this, those who are in position will ponder also if they are doing the right thing or serving the people rightfully.

However, behind the differences in opinions, critics should also learn to appreciate the public servants if they are doing the right thing.

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