Sara Duterte Confidential Funds Critic: PRRD Slammed For ‘Threat’

Sara Duterte Confidential Funds – Former President Rodrigo Duterte might face charges for his alleged “threat” against the critic of the Vice President.

Duterte To Face Charges For Alleged ‘Death Threat’ vs Sara’s Critic

Makabayan lawmakers are ready to file charges against Rodrigo Duterte

Former President Rodrigo Duterte might face his first criminal charges as Makabayan lawmakers are aiming to file charges for his alleged death threat against ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro.

PRRD is being investigated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for allegedly committing crimes against humanity in his controversial drug war. This was one of the strong criticisms addressed to him during his presidency.

In a report in Inquirer, the former Chief Executive is facing another round of criticism even though he is no longer in position.

rodrigo duterte

Gabriela Rep. Arlene Brosas said that PRRD should remember that he no longer enjoys immunity from lawsuits. “Threatening the lives of elected representatives is a blatant violation and a dangerous attack on the rights of individuals who are merely pushing for transparency and accountability in government spending,” the congresswoman said.

She also said that the Makabayan bloc in the House of Representatives was exploring the possible legal actions that could be done against the politician from Davao City.

National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers representative Atty. Kristina Conti said that Rodrigo Duterte can be charged for “direct and grave threats” against Castro, who has not released a statement yet.

If penalized, the former president will serve imprisonment of up to six months plus a maximum fine of P100,000.

This issue sprouted from PRRD’s statement against critics of his daughter Vice President Sara Duterte regarding the controversial confidential funds of the Office of the Vice President. He said that he told his daughter to reveal where the CF was intended for.

Then, Rodrigo Duterte made this statement against Rep. France Castro. “Pero, ang una mong target sa intelligence fund mo, kayo, ikaw France, kayong mga komunista ang gusto kong patayin,” the former president said.

Brosas said that they are taking this “death threat” seriously because of PRRD’s supposed “bloody legacy of extrajudicial killings and political persecution.”

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