Anji Salvacion On Negative Comments About Her Acting

This is what Anji Salvacion said about the criticism of her acting performance.

Actress-singer Anji Salvacion finally reacted to the critical comments she received because of her performance in “Linlang”.

“Pinoy Big Brother” winner Anji Salvacionh has reacted to criticisms of her performance in the new ABS-CBN series “Linlang”. Many people online criticized her performance and among them is talent manager Ogie Diaz.

Diaz aired that her character and that of Kice, her love team, were unnecessary to the main story.

She has previously spoken about this matter telling her fans to not respond to bashers as they are just there to judge. Her “Linlang” co-star Kaila Estrada also defended her. Estrada expressed that criticism is part of it but some people tend to take it too far.

Christian Bables also expressed an encouraging message for her. He told her to “never give up on learning your craft”.

These negative and critical comments have reached Salvacion and she expressed just recently that she is still a work in progress. She may not keep up with how good the other stars are such as Kim Chiu, Paulo Avelino, Maricel Soriano, and JM De Guzman, but she is doing her best.

She is taking the comments seriously, especially the constructive ones as these will help her in improving her craft. She also said, “I see myself as a work in progress, which is why I welcome comments on my acting, and I believe that learning is a continuous process.”

What she is not taking seriously are the comments from people whose intention is to insult her or make fun of her. these comments were not helpful for her.

In an interview with PEP, she expressed, “That’s why it’s better to ignore them and focus on the helpful comments, and I want to emphasize once again that I am open to comments that I believe will help me improve my acting skills.”

Anji is playing the role of Kate Alcantara on “Linlang”, the sister of Chiu’s character.

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