SSS Funeral Benefit 2023 — How To File Claim & the Requirements You Must Prepare

Guide on How To Claim SSS Funeral Benefit 2023 Offer for Members

SSS FUNERAL BENEFIT 2023 – Here is a guide on how to file a claim for the Social Security System benefit offer for members.

Countless Filipinos from across the nation as well as abroad are members of the Social Security System, a state-run social insurance agency in the Philippines. Most of these individuals are locally-employed people in the private sector and self-employed individuals. Others are voluntary members and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Social Security System (sss)
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The SSS offers several loans and benefits for its members who have updated and active accounts. These are excellent preparations against the unforeseen circumstances such as during times of losing a job, dealing with a disability, and even death.

To maintain an updated account, an SSS member must pay for the monthly contributions as per the SSS Contribution Table 2023. The contributions are based on the source of income and the amount earned by a member on a daily basis.

SSS Funeral Benefit 2023
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Not all benefits of the Social Security System are for the members alone. There are those that extends to the family or beneficiaries of the members just like the SSS Funeral Benefit. It is something that the family can turn to for financial assistance when the SSS member passed away.

Undeniably, this also brings peace of mind on the part of the SSS member that his/her family will have something to turn to when the inevitable happens.

With regards to the amount of the SSS Funeral Benefit, it can range between P20,000.00 up to a maximum of P40,000.00. The said benefit may not only be claimed by the family but anyone who paid for the funeral expenses of the deceased SSS member.

There is an easy process on how apply for the SSS Funeral Benefit 2023. Here are the steps that you may follow in making a claim:

Step 1 — Check the Eligibility Requirements.

The Social Security System has set a criteria for a deceased SSS member’s eligibility under the benefit offer. To be covered by the benefit claim, the SSS member must have complied to the following prior to death:

  • If employed, the employer must have reported the member to the SSS for coverage.
  • If self-employed, a non-working spouse of an SSS member, or an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), the member must have posted at least one (1) monthly contribution.
Step 2 — Prepare the Documentary Requirements.

In filing a claim, there are documentary requirements for SSS Funeral Benefit claim application that the member or anyone who paid for the funeral expenses of the deceased member must prepare and submit to the state-run social insurance institution.

Make sure to keep the original copies of the receipts/invoices of the expenses for the funeral of the deceased SSS member. It will be part of the basis of the SSS in calculating the funeral benefit to be granted for the person who filed the claim.

Step 3 — Go to SSS.

Go to a branch of the Social Security System and submit the documentary requirements. Make sure you have submitted all the documents needed for the evaluation of the claim application.

Step 4 — Wait for the Release of your Money.

Wait for an update from the SSS regarding the status of your claim application as well as the disbursement of the money.

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