Batanes Flights – How To Go There?

BATANES FLIGHTS – The fastest and most convenient way to reach Batanes is by plane from Manila or Clark.

This place is known for rolling hills, lighthouses, and stone houses. It has this cultural charm that magnets a lot of people and many travelers to come back for more and explore more. Here’s a guide to going there.

Batanes Travel Guide – Going There and Getting Around

If it is your first time, here’s a Batanes travel guide that may help you.

BATANES TRAVEL GUIDE – The “Home Of The Winds” of the Philippines is Batanes and here are some details about this.

Where is Batanes?

This place is found in the northernmost part of the Philippines – a place known for its postcard-perfect views. This place has a little bit of everything that a traveler wants when going on a vacation like the mountains, the sea, the rolling hills, and the food. 

The province is divided into four zones:

  • North Batan
  • South Batan
  • Sabtang Island
  • Itbayat Island

It has 6 municipalities and 29 barangays.

In terms of language, Ivasayen is spoken in northern parts of Batan Island, Isamurongen in Sabtang and southern parts of Batan, and Itbayaten in Itbayat. As for tourists who don’t know any of these, Tagalog, Ilokano, and English are also spoken and understood in this place.

Among the many things Batanes can offer, it is the simpler, laidback, quiet, and revitalizing island life that many people who have been there loved the most. This place offers a different kind of island life.

When is the best time to visit Batanes?

During the dry season or summer season is the best time to go here like the months of March, April, May, and June. These months have minimal chances of rainfall.

How to go there?

The best way is through taking a flight. Take note that the flight going there is limited and there will be cases of cancelations due to weather conditions.

From Manila: Philippine Airlines (PAL) flies daily from Manila to Basco. The flight may take 1 hour and 45 minutes.

From Clark: There are also flights from this airport to Basco and sometimes, the flights from here

It is also highly recommended to book a flight ahead and to book a weekday flight in order to save money.

Getting around Batanes

The cheapest way to explore Batanes is by renting a bicycle. Another option is renting a motorcycle. You can also book a tricycle for a full-day tour. If you plan on going from Basco to Sabtang, you have to ride the tricycle first to Ivana Port and then go for a boat ride.

From Basco to Itbayat, traveling by boat is required and the travel time may take two hours and a half to up to three hours and a half. You may also take a plane which will only take 10 to 12 minutes of travel time.

When it comes to accommodations, you won’t need to worry! Here’s a list of DOT-Accredited Hotels and Accommodations in Batanes!

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