Batanes – Awesome Facts About The Country’s Northernmost Islands

Batanes – Awesome Facts About The Country’s Northernmost Islands

BATANES – Here are some interesting facts about the northernmost island province in the Philippines. the islands of Batanes.

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Provinsiya nu Batanes, it is the smallest and most northern island province in the country and one of the provinces of the Cagayan Valley region (Region II). Its capital is Basco and has a population of about 17K people.

Here are some interesting facts about the island province, according to FilipiKnow:

  1. Its Islands
    • The province is composed of 10 islands, all volcanic and three inhabited. These islands are Batan, Itbayat, Sabtang. Ivuhos, North, Yami, Mavudis, Siayan, Di-nem, and Dequey.
  2. Aman Dangat
    • He is the Ivatan datu of Malakdang in Sabtang. He led a revolt against the Spaniards in 1791. He governed his men in lieu of their indigenous custom laws.
  3. Pacita Abad and Fundacion Pacita
    • She is the pride of the the province and a world-renowned painter. Her works are described as “vibrant color, constant change, experimentation, and development.” Fundacion Pacita was built on her honor and was her home studio. This was also used to support Ivatan artists and heritage conservation projects.
  4. Its Song and Symbols
    • The provincial song is an Ivatan rowing song called “Kalusan”. Here are the other provincial symbols:
      1. Tree: Aryus
      2. Flower: Rahakut
      3. Bird: Aradiwangan, Voyit
      4. Fish: Mayasang
      5. Air Plant: Humahum fern
  5. Honesty Coffee Shop Origins
    • One of the famous places in the province is the Honesty Coffee Shop in Ivana. It began as a simple store serving hot water and coffee to people traveling to and from the island of Sabtang. The owner, who was a retired teacher, built the store in the middle of the town.

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