Lady Commuter Lauds Grab Driver for Act of Charity

Lady Commuter Praises Grab Driver for Showing Kindness to Homeless People

A lady commuter commends a kind-hearted Grab driver for displaying compassion towards less fortunate individuals through an act of charity.

The heartwarming encounter, shared on the Facebook account of Pastor Derick Circuit Rider, features Gelica M. Tulauan, the lady commuter, and her experience with a Grab driver named Carlo Santiago Diaz. The post goes viral and elicits reactions from the online community.

The heartwarming encounter starts on a seemingly ordinary night when a lady commuter, hailed a Grab ride from Gateway Cubao to Moriones, Tondo. Her journey took an unexpected turn after she dropped off her friend at Quirino, leaving her with a sense of danger.

Lady Commuter

While pretending to focus on her phone, the passenger watched intently as Carlo pulled over to the side of a dimly lit street. The driver reached for a medium-sized brown bag and stepped out of the vehicle.

Concerned for her safety, she promptly called a friend, anxiously awaiting their response, gripped by anxiety and expecting the worst.

The Grab driver bent over a figure lying on the cold, damp pavement, which turned out to be an elderly woman who had been sleeping on the sidewalk. He had placed the brown bag, containing food, in front of her.

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From inside the car, she observed the driver’s interaction with the elderly woman, though she couldn’t hear the conversation. Her fear turned into astonishment when she realized that Carlo was not a threat but a guardian angel in disguise.

As the driver returned to the car, she struck up a conversation to learn more about his acts of kindness. Carlo shared that he and his friends regularly donate a certain amount of cash to buy and cook meals for homeless people they encounter on the streets.

The kind-hearted Grab employee explained that the idea had originated from him and his girlfriend.

Ako po at saka yung girlfriend ko. Araw-araw kasi, magda-drive ka, makikita mo sila lalo na sa gabi na nakahiga sa bangketa. Madalas mga gutom, pero itinutulog na lang yung gutom nila. Kaya naisip naming gawin `to. Para at least, makatulong kaming malamnan yung mga tiyan nila kahit isang gabi lang,” he said.

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