Rendon Labador Returns w/ New Facebook Page “Babalik tayo ng mas malakas”

The internet personality Rendon Labador made a comeback with a new Facebook page “Babalik tayo ng mas malakas”.

The motivational speaker’s main and secondary Facebook pages received a ban hammer from the social media giant. Prior to the controversial issue, his TikTok account was disabled due repeated violations.

However, Labador returned with a new Facebook and vowed to appeal the decision, instead of being disheartened.

Rendon Labador Creates New Page After Facebook Page Disabled

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador Creates New Page After Facebook Page Received Ban Hammer From Meta

The motivational speaker Rendon Labador created a new page after his current Facebook account received a ban from Meta.

Rendon Labador, known for his motivational talks and positive messages, had not been a stranger to controversy.

On September 7, 2023 (Thursday), the internet personality expressed his disappointment after the social media giant disabled his Facebook page. He confirmed the news and expressed his surprise at the decision.

Rendon Labador

Previously, Labador’s TikTok account was also banned for allegedly committing repeated violations before the disabling of his Facebook page. He did not expect Meta to disable his main and secondary pages.

Labador apologized to his supporters and expressed his gratitude to those who continued to believe in his message and sent messages of encouragement during this difficult time. He also thanked his supporters on social media who had been praying for his return.

Pasensya na sa lahat ng taga supporta natin at kasalukuyan na hindi ako makapaniwala at nagulat sa pag kawala ng aking facebook page,Nag papasalamat ako sa mga taong naniniwala at nagpapadala ng mga mensahe ngayon. Pasenya na at paralisado kaming lahat dahil dito sa pangyayari,” he said.

Rendon Labador

However, instead of being disheartened, he promised to return and vowed to appeal the decision. Facebook Philippines has yet to provide an official comment on the issue.

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Recently, the social media influencer created a new Facebook page ‘Rendon Labador’. He promised to release an official statement on his YouTube channel sooner or later. He also posted some words of encouragement on his new account.

“Follow my new Facebook page. Babalik tayo ng mas malakas.” Labador wrote.

Rendon Labador

The social media users expressed their reactions to his new page:

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