Car Rentals 2023: 10 Best Websites To Find Cheap Deals

Best Websites For Car Rental Deals In 2023

CAR RENTALS 2023 – Here are the top ten (10) online vehicle rental agencies for you to choose from.

Car rentals are rarely enjoyable experiences. For many of us, it means investing time in searching for competitive prices, making decisions about additional features, and deliberating over the necessity and cost of supplementary car rental insurance.

Fortunately, the process of finding an appropriate price doesn’t need to be complex. While numerous websites assert to provide the most favorable prices, it’s important to assess their credibility. In a previous article, we also shared 8 methods of earning money using your car.


Here Are 10 Of The Finest Websites To Use When Reserving Your Next Rental Car

1. Expedia


A longstanding online travel agency since the 1990s, Expedia is a reliable choice. It serves as a popular platform for reserving flights, hotels, rental cars, and cruises.

The website boasts user-friendly navigation, equipped with abundant filtering and sorting alternatives, streamlining your search for precise preferences. The “Great Deal” filter option facilitates quick identification of the most affordable choice in each category.

Furthermore, when you book a qualifying rental car, you can accumulate points within the One Key rewards program. This offers an opportunity to engage in a loyalty program even when not directly booking through a car rental agency.

Expedia also offers the possibility to bundle your car rental with flight and/or hotel reservations, generally resulting in cost savings.

2. Momondo


Momondo functions as a metasearch engine, much like Kayak, aggregating prices from various online travel agencies. Instead of finalizing your booking on Momondo itself, the platform aids you in searching for the most favorable prices and then redirects you to the respective rental agency or online travel agency for the actual booking.

Although not inherently problematic, Momondo often directs users to less-known booking agencies. While this isn’t necessarily negative, it’s important to recognize that aspects such as customer service, fees, and policies could differ from those of more familiar companies.

3. Kayak


Similar to Momondo, Kayak operates as a metasearch engine that compiles price information from different websites into a single interface. This proves convenient for swiftly scouring for affordable options in car rentals, flights, and accommodations.

Kayak offers an array of tools to refine and organize search results, including a geographical map to locate rental cars and a filter for specific policies such as free cancellation or unlimited mileage.

When opting to book via Kayak, setting up an account and logging in is advisable to access Private Deals, potentially saving up to 35%.

The initial price displayed on Kayak typically reflects the “pay now” rate. By clicking on the dropdown arrow adjacent to “View Deal,” you can explore alternative choices, including options offering a “pay later” price.

4. Orbitz


Orbitz is another substantial online platform with a lengthy presence, commonly utilized for reserving flights, accommodations, and rental cars.

The website offers robust filtering and sorting functionalities, permitting users to view the most economical selections in each category by selecting the “Great Deal” option. This feature might ring a bell, as it’s also accessible on Expedia. Many of these online travel agencies are affiliated with the same parent companies and may exhibit striking resemblances. Nevertheless, pricing variations can exist among these sites, underscoring the importance of checking multiple sources to secure the best possible price.

5. Priceline


Priceline rose to prominence through its “Priceline Negotiator” and the “Name Your Own Price” feature, which highlighted opaque bookings where certain details were concealed until after the booking was completed. However, both of these tools have since been discontinued.

Nonetheless, you can still secure advantageous deals on opaque bookings, where specific particulars are veiled until the transaction is finalized. If you lack a preference for a specific car rental agency, Priceline’s Express Deals are worth exploring. These rentals withhold the exact agency until after the booking is confirmed, offering a potential way to economize.

Another variety of opaque bookings found on Priceline is termed “Supplier’s Choice.” Under this arrangement, you’ll be aware of the precise car rental agency but won’t know the vehicle type until you pick it up.

Irrespective of the car type you opt for on Priceline, it’s advisable to establish an account and log in to access VIP pricing. This straightforward step can lead to savings of up to 20%, contingent on your membership tier, for your car rental.

6. Skyscanner


Similar to Kayak, Skyscanner functions as a search engine, directing users to another website to complete their car rental bookings once a choice is made.

Although Skyscanner can provide competitive prices, initial search results offer limited details about the rental beyond the price. To obtain basic information like the car rental agency, you must click through each individual result.

7. Travelocity


Travelocity is a widely used platform for seeking budget-friendly hotels, flights, and rental cars. Despite being powered by Expedia, pricing can differ between the two sites.

Much like other platforms (such as Expedia and Orbitz), Travelocity permits you to filter search outcomes to exclusively display the most affordable options within each category, referred to as “Great Deals.”

While perusing search results, you can promptly identify options offering free cancellation and those with a non-refundable policy. This information proves valuable due to the considerable fluctuations in travel plans nowadays.

8. Hotwire


Hotwire presents an additional platform providing opaque bookings, known as Hotwire Hot Rate deals. The identity of the rental agency remains concealed until the booking concludes, although Hotwire assures that it will be affiliated with one of the following companies:

  • Ace
  • Advantage
  • Alamo
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • National
  • Nu
  • Sixt
  • Thrifty

9. Costco Travel


Upon navigating through Costco Travel to find a rental car, you’ll immediately observe that it exclusively features four prominent rental agencies: Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise.

The search outcomes are presented in a clear and comprehensible chart format, with the most affordable price for each vehicle category highlighted in red.

The drawback is that reserving a car through Costco Travel requires a Costco membership. Nonetheless, if your car rental is part of a vacation package, a Costco Shop card might be included in the offer, potentially covering the membership cost. Additionally, those with an Executive membership can receive a 2% rebate on all their Costco Travel expenditures.

10., a search engine under the same ownership as sites like, Priceline, and Kayak, specializes in rental cars.

A noteworthy aspect of this platform is the user-friendly search results display, which promptly presents information like free cancellation options and whether the deal necessitates an immediate payment or can be settled later. also features opaque deals, which can be an effective method for saving money if you’re not particular about the specific car type or rental agency you’ll receive.

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