Arrogant Man Assaults, Pulls A Gun At Unarmed Cyclist

Man Attacks & Brandishes A Firearm At Defenseless Cyclist

ARROGANT MAN – The video of the man who assaulted and pulled a gun at an unarmed cyclist went viral on social media.

Road rage can be caused by a variety of factors, both individual and situational. These factors can contribute to heightened emotions and aggressive behavior while driving.

Some common causes of road rage include feeling disrespected or slighted by other drivers, such as being cut off, tailgated, or subjected to rude gestures, which can trigger anger and retaliation.


Road rage incidents can range from minor altercations to more severe confrontations that result in accidents, injuries, or even fatalities.

Just recently, a man was accused of assaulting and pulling a gun on an unarmed cyclist. A netizen named Raymond Fortun shared the news on his Facebook account. His post came with a photo and a video.


In the caption, the netizen said the man was driving a Kia car around 6:00 PM last August 8, 2023, near Welcome Rotonda. He cut across the cyclist assaulted and pulled out a gun. The man appears to be a government employee, in light of a lapel pin.

Fortun said the cyclist wants to file criminal charges. He also said that he already had the name and the address of the man.


To prevent road rage, it’s important for drivers to practice patience, courtesy, and empathy while on the road. Avoiding aggressive driving behaviors, refraining from responding to rude gestures or comments, and staying calm in frustrating situations can help diffuse potential road rage incidents. If you encounter an aggressive driver, it’s best to distance yourself from them and avoid engaging in any confrontational behavior.

Law enforcement agencies and transportation authorities often promote awareness campaigns about road rage and its consequences, while also encouraging safe and respectful driving habits.

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