Heart Evangelista Emotional Talking About Chiz Escudero

This is why Heart Evangelista becomes emotional in this part of her vlog.

HEART EVANGELISTA – The fashion icon and actress has become emotional in a part where she talks about her husband.

The husband of the famous actress Heart Evangelista is Senator Chiz Escudero. They have been married for many years now and prior to their marriage, they also dated for several years.

There have been rumors that hounded their relationship before but it just shifted them to the path that made them better individually as a person and as a couple.

And in her recent video, towards the end of it, Heart was asked about her prayers at night. answering this question has made her emotional as she touched on vulnerable topics about her life which are her family and her husband.

In her prayer, one thing she does is ask forgiveness for not understanding things and abruptly reacting to them.

But always, she is grateful for her life and everything in it – the good and the bad.

She can also take all the blame that she can just as long as she has her family – the people who know her heart. She said, “When Chiz and I spoke after a long time, he said that I didn’t need to say anything because he knows my heart. And for me, that is the most important.”

In the same conversation talking about “adulting”, she aired her wish for her husband to live longer as she would not know how to do most of the things in life without him.

For the longest time, she has thought of him as his enemy because of what she and Chiz went through in the past months. She hated him for the wrong reasons without knowing that he was going to be the one to save her.

She can even take the illness for him just so he could live longer. she doesn’t care if she will be given a short life just as long as he lives because his children need him but this is also show just how much she loves him based on the video.

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