Heart Evangelista & Chiz Talk About “What They Recently Went Through”

These are the things Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero talked about in this new video.

HEART EVANGELISTA – In a new vlog of an “adulting” conversation, the Kapuso actress and her husband talk about them.

The “adulting videos” of married couple Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista are all about conversations for adults. They talk about pretty much everything under the same and matters that adults can relate to.

Their insights on certain matters are impactful and they have this vibe in them that keeps you really involved and attached to the conversation when what you just do is watch and listen to them in their adulting conversation videos.

And recently, after a while of not doing and talking about adulting stuff, they back onto it. In their new video, they talk about themselves and what they went through. They did not give any specifics but they were clear of how such things have changed their lives individually and as a couple.

In a quick update, Chiz said that she is doing good and his wife can see it while pride and happiness were etched on her face.

She then asked her to describe what they went through because, for her, she does have regrets like she should have listened to him. She admitted that she’s gullible for allowing other people to mold her into a certain way. She feels responsible and accountable for this.

In the past months, she realized that she married King Solomon, her metaphor in saying that she married a man full of wisdom. In the past several months, she expressed that certain things happened that made her hate him for the wrong reasons but despite this, he was just steady. He remained still after seeing everything.

As for the senator, there was never a thought of giving her up or their marriage.

“Whether it’s good times or bad times, there’s a reason for it always. You don’t see it when you’re in the middle of things but hindsight is always 20/20,” he expressed based on the video.

As a couple, Escudero believes that they are now better, stronger, and tighter and that he’s sweeter which made Evangelista raise her voice out of happiness agreeing to the fact that he really is now sweeter.

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