Carnapper Arrested After Stolen Vehicle Breakdown in Quezon

Police Authorities Arrested a Carnapper After His Car Breakdown

The police authorities have successfully arrested a carnapper after his stolen vehicle broke down in Quezon province.

According to a report by the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) in Quezon, the suspect, a resident of Caloocan City, was arrested when local barangay officials noticed a red car parked on Mauban Road in Barangay Lagawe, Tayabas City, for several days.

Upon investigation by the Tayabas City police and HPG personnel, it was determined that the car had been stolen.


Further investigation revealed that the suspect stole the car from a businesswoman in Naga City. He allegedly broke into the victim’s home, confined her, and then escaped with the vehicle.

The suspect admitted to using the stolen car to offer passenger services in towns across Quezon province. He had reportedly been roaming around Quezon and Batangas for several days and had even evaded payment at various gasoline stations where he refueled.

In an attempt to escape, the suspect confessed to changing the car’s license plates.

In a previous report, a 2 carnappers arrested due to GPS tracker installed on the stolen vehicle

Furthermore, the suspect was discovered to have a recent history of theft cases. Several identification cards, which were believed to have been stolen from his victims, were discovered.

The Quezon HPG is set to transfer the suspect to the Camarines Norte HPG, where he will face legal action for his alleged crimes. Additionally, the suspect is expected to face theft charges in Tayabas City, particularly in relation to his evasion of payments at the gasoline stations.

The incident displays local authorities’ vigilant efforts and the effectiveness of community engagement in preventing criminal activity. The combined efforts of barangay officials, police officers, and HPG employees resulted in the effective identification and arrest of the offender, preventing additional criminal activity.

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