Rendon Labador Hotline To Accept Complaints

Rendon Labador Hotline – The controversial social media personality and motivational speaker announced that he launched a hotline for people who want to ask for help.

Rendon Labador Plans To Create Hotline For People Asking For Help

Rendon Labador continues to do his charitable endeavors

Social media personality Rendon Labador said that he plans to create a hotline for people asking for help as he continues doing charity events.

Rendon calls himself a motivational speaker. He would share inspiring quotes and statements on his social media. However, he often becomes controversial because of his views and opinions.

He is not afraid to criticize or call out popular personalities through his social media posts. Oftentimes, he would get bashed because of this.

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However, behind the bashing that he received, Rendon Labador received praise from his avid followers. It is because of the charitable endeavor that he did just recently. He had a feeding activity at Doña Basilisa Yanco Elementary School.

Based on his recent Instagram Stories, Rendon expressed that this will not be the last time he will help other people. He shared a message from a netizen who asked for help for healthcare workers.

Rendon said that he reads all the messages from people asking for help. He also said that he will create a hotline that will cater to people’s needs. “Gamitin ko po itong ibinigay ninyong boses sa akin para maisigaw lahat ng karapatan ninyo. Para sa Pilipinas!” he said.

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Then, another message showed that a netizen asked Rendon to call out the Department of Health (DOH) for the ONE COVID-19 ASSISTANCE (OCA) AND HEALTH EMERGENCY ALLOWANCE (HEA) of the healthcare workers. With this, he encouraged people who have this kind of experience to message him.

He said that this is the time to join hands and combine their voices to be heard by the agencies in the government.

Rendon Labador also expressed that during the height of the pandemic, healthcare workers risked their health and life but after the situation eased, they were being forgotten.

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Previously, amid the negative reactions that he is sharing online, Rendon shared a positive reaction to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). The social media personality lauds MTRCB for acting quickly regarding the viral “pagmumura” that Wally Bayola had on EAT.

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