6 Pro Tips To Prevent Malware Attacks

How To Protect Yourself From Malware Attacks

MALWARE ATTACKS – Here are six (6) expert suggestions for maintaining security against malware attacks.

Words that start with “mal” typically indicate something negative or harmful. The most perilous threat to our technology-driven lives is “malware.” These deceitful programs sneak into our smart devices like phones and laptops, causing extensive damage. Unfortunately, malware is widespread.

Primarily, these malicious programs spread through random websites. For instance, there’s a malware application called CherryBlos that managed to bypass the Google Play store’s security measures. Astonishingly, it was approved despite its ability to steal credentials for cryptocurrency wallets.

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Be cautious before clicking the “download now” button.

Generally, you can rely on official sources like Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and Amazon apps. Nonetheless, it’s wise to adopt a “trust but verify” approach. These sources are usually free and take only a few minutes, if not seconds, to access.

1. Keep your devices updated. Updates shouldn’t be put off because they are too inconvenient. Oftentimes, these “annoying” updates come with tighter and better security protocols.

2. Do your research. Before you decide to download an app that appears promising, take a moment to search for it on Google. Investing a small amount of time in research might safeguard your phone, data, and potentially even your financial accounts.

3. Scan the reviews. Despite the allure of these cost-free or inexpensive applications, the real test lies in the outcome. Keep an eye out for any indications of unusual device behavior following the installation process.

4. Never blindly grant permissions. In 2023, our ability to focus is quite limited. Nevertheless, the moments you dedicate to carefully reading and understanding the permissions you’re authorizing are moments that hold significant value.

5. No jailbreaking. You’re not only invalidating warranties and exposing yourself to more frequent freezes and crashes, but you’re also accepting a lower level of cybersecurity.

Bonus: Must-have protection for all your devices

In the battle against malware, antivirus software plays a crucial role. Ensure that you consistently maintain a reliable antivirus application, keeping it up-to-date and operational across all your devices.

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