Rosmar Tan Says She Pays P50,000 Monthly for Her Electric Bill

Rosmar Tan Shares She Pays P50,000 Monthly for Her Electric Bill During Alex Gonzaga’s House Raid

The internet personality Rosmar Tan shared that she pays a staggering P50,000 monthly for her electric bill.

Rosmar Tan is the CEO of a renowned beauty products company that makes makeup and skincare items. Her business succeeds because of her unique and high-quality products. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, she is also a popular internet personality.

A few weeks ago, the public figure caused a stir online by releasing controversial songs like ‘Utang’ and ‘Manalamin.’ She was also involved in a rivalry with another beauty line CEO, Miss Glenda.

Rosmar Tan

Recently, Rosmar was featured in Alex Gonzaga’s latest vlog titled “Pinakamalakas na House Raid.” In the vlog, Rosmar offers a glimpse into her luxurious lifestyle, showcasing some of her extravagant investments and expenditures, and providing viewers with a closer look into her life as a successful entrepreneur.

The prosperous businesswoman proudly displayed her collection of luxury bags and an impressive sports car. Tan also revealed the financial responsibilities she handles to maintain her large mansion.

During the interview, the famous CEO mentioned that she pays P50,000 monthly for her electric bill. Rosmar also shared the expenses she covers to ensure her home remains powered and comfortable.

Rosmar goes beyond what is expected by giving her staff access to various facilities in her home, including a personal gym. This generous gesture showcases her desire to share her accomplishments while positively impacting those around her.

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