Andi Eigenmann Bonding With Kids Touches Many Hearts

Netizens praise Andi Eigenmann and her simple bonding with the kids on the island.

ANDI EIGENMANN – The actress turned Happy Islander recently shared a life update showing her simple life and here are some comments.

Siargao is a place to be when one is seeking waves and peace. But for Andi Eigemann, the island is a place to be to live happily and peacefully in a simple way. Ever since she moved to Siargao, Andi’s life became an inspiration to many.

She left the glamorous life of her career as an actress and focused on living simply with her family.

Living in Siargao has definitely changed Andi and she has always been grateful for being able to call that paradise her home. Andi’s fiancé Philmar Alipayo is based in Siargao and they already have two kids. To recall, she moved to Siargao in 2017 and when she decided to live there, she took Ellie with her. Ellie is her eldest and her child with a previous partner.

After leaving the show business, Andi hopped on doing vlogging. Her YouTube channel is called The Happy Islanders and it is definitely a perfect name for them who are living on an island.

Her contents were all about her life in Siargao. She shares her life as a simple and hands-on mother to her children. And recently, in a new video she shared, she earned the admiration of many people online again.

In the video, she took her children to the beach and let them play freely with their playmates. It makes her happy to see them enjoy life without gadgets. It makes her glad to see them living life with nature and with actual playmates.

As much as we know, at this age, most children go digital. Most children are more interested in playing with their gadgets than playing with children of their age outside their houses.

Many people admired this in Andi as they know that moments like this will eventually turn into memories for the child. They will never know when will be their last play with their playmates as they are growing up.

Andi expressed, “I’m so happy that my children can really spend full day and enjoy and ot complain just having fun with what nature can offer.”

Here are some of the comments from the video:

Sarap balik balikan mga ganitong laro ng kabataan noon…

Your kids will certainly remember these play sessions with other kids when they grow up.

that simple thank you from lilo shows that andi is raising her well

I am so inspired by the way you live your life now miss Andy.

Childhood memories are best to remember..

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