Asthma Attacks In Pregnancy Linked To Complications For Moms & Babies

Study Shows Asthma Attacks Linked To Complications For Mom & Baby

ASTHMA ATTACKS – A study conducted by Canadian researchers suggested that asthma attacks during pregnancy could lead to complications for both the mother and the baby.

Asthma Attacks In Pregnancy Linked To Complications For Moms & Babies
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The study looked over data from more than 103,000 pregnancies. Within that number, 58,000 women with asthma had babies in Ontario, Canada from 2003-2012.

In lieu of the research, it showed that women who didn’t have asthma attacks during pregnancy were 17% less likely to have pregnancy-induced hypertension than those who did.

In addition, women who had asthma attacks were 30% more likely to get dangerously high blood pressure. This is a condition known as preeclampsia.

Based on an article from ABS-CBN, the study also revealed that those who had asthma attacks were 14% likely to have low birth weight or preterm babies.

Adding to this, they are also 21% more likely to have infants that have birth defects. The study also showed that 40% of pregnant women stopped taking asthma medication.

This was due to a feat that taking them would be harmful to their babies. However, the study showed that severe asthma symptoms present an even greater risk.

Adding to this, the study also mentioned that women who had attacks during pregnancy were more likely to have children susceptible to allergies and respiratory infections such as pneumonia.

The statistics of the research revealed that 23% of the children were more likely to develop asthma in early childhood when mothers had attacks during pregnancy.

There was also a 12% increased risk of developing pneumonia during the first five years of the child’s life. Although the researchers said that there were no concrete evidence due to certain limitations in the study.

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