2-year-old Boy Died After Strangled by “Adik” Mother in Cavite

“Adik” Mother Arrested After She Strangled Her 2-year-old Boy to Death in Cavite

Police authorities arrested an “adik” or drug user mother after she allegedly strangled her 2-year-old boy to death in Bacoor, Cavite.

In Barangay Talaba 1, Bacoor City, Cavite, a 2-year-old boy was strangled by his own mother, who was apparently high on illegal drugs. Steven Gregorio Maninang, the child victim, was recognized. Rhina Maninang, his mother, is the prime suspect.

Adik Mother Strangled Boy

The 25-year-old mother tested positive for illegal narcotics, according to the report. PSSG Kenneth Casaman of Bacoor CPS conducted an inquiry, which found that the event occurred at their home at about 7:00 a.m. The crime was allegedly seen by the victim’s six-year-old sibling.

According to the victim’s brother, he witnessed his mother strangle his younger brother when they were laying in their house’s bedroom. According to Police Major Renalyn Lim, Bacoor City Police PIO, Sonny Gregorio y Ibarra, 33, the father, found the crime when he returned home from work.

Based on the report, the suspect has been charged with parricide and will face an inquest. According to the suspect’s live-in boyfriend, he is determined to bring charges against the suspect. The suspect was discovered to be a drug user who was high on drugs at the time of the incident.

Lim went on to say that such situations are something that the authorities and doctors who care for persons addicted to illegal drugs want to avoid. She suggested that they be taken to therapy and Rehabilitation Centers (TRC) for therapy.

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